High-Performance & Environmentally Safe Marine Cleaning Solutions

Our high-performance cleaning solutions for the Marine Industry work faster and more efficiently than traditional cleaners that employ the use of harsh, hazardous chemicals to achieve their cleaning effect. Eliminate scale, barnacles, algae and more with our all-natural and non-toxic products.


Marine Scale Remover

Safely clean marine heat transfer equipment, engine water jackets, hulls, props and ancillary equipment by providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for the removal of scale, marine growth, barnacles, rust and more.

Grease Extreme Degreaser

Our nontoxic formula emulsifies and removes grease, oil, fat, and other organic matter while leaving surfaces and floors “squeaky” clean. Perfect for enclosed or sensitive areas including kitchen, aircraft, marine and more.

HD Industrial Scale Remover

Ideal for use on boilers, piping systems, evaporating equipment, hot water heating systems, HVAC and solar systems. Powerful and safe to use on equipment in refineries, foundries, paper mills, chemical plants, food processing plants, water treating facilities and more.

Laundry Complete 203L

A powerful, natural alternative to harsh chemical products. Origenz Laundry Complete 203L is formulated to effectively replace other commercial laundry chemicals while safely neutralizing odors.