Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaners That Dramatically Outperform Petrochemicals

Staying clean is essential if you are in the food services and restaurant industry. Our food service and sanitation products disinfect, sanitize and degrease while meeting the rigorous demands of the food service industry.


Food Plant Sanitation

  • Dairy, soft-drink, syrup, beer and juice beverage plants

  • Chips, candy, confectioneries snack manufactures

  • Sausage, beef, fish and poultry meat plants

  • Egg and vegetable plants

Supermarket, Deli & Meat Counter Sanitation

  • Food prep equipment

  • Meat lockers

  • Freezers and walk-in coolers

  • Food Storage Areas

Employee Safety

Non-hazardous Origenz creates a safer and healthier work environment for your workforce.

Equipment & Machinery

Protect your investment in equipment, machinery, and vehicles with non-corrosive Origenz All-Duty Industrial Cleaner 203.

Packaging & Box Operations

Improve packaging and shipping by reducing dust and contaminants from your process.

Janitorial & Housekeeping

Finally, natural products that powerfully clean offices, restrooms, lunchrooms and more.

Shipping & Transportation

Extend the life of your shipping vehicles with the cleaning power of non-corrosive Origenz All-Duty Industrial Cleaner 203.

Facility Maintenance

Safe, powerful and non-hazardous solutions for all surfaces.

Warehousing & Storage

Ensure your products ship from a clean, non-toxic facility while reducing environmental impact.

Waste Water Stream

Simplify waste water compliance, and improve your effluent output with non-toxic Origenz.