Keeping up with the costs of commercial laundry can put a dent in your bottom line. Unlike traditional commercial laundry products are often comprised of caustic, harsh chemicals and hazardous toxins that can produce a myriad of side effects and health concerns, PristineHD’s all-natural cleaning products are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Reduces Costs


Experience operational savings of up to 50% or more with Origenz All-in-One technology.

  • Reduces textile replacement costs
  • Reduces labor & production times
  • Reduces utilities – Use less water & lower temperatures
  • Reduces indirect operating costs
  • Reduces chemical costs up to 21%

Improves Results


Origenz easily cleans and extends the life of your laundered fabrics by keeping them smelling fresh, feeling soft and looking new longer than other cleaners.

Your textiles will be:

  • Brighter and fluffier
  • Fresher smelling
  • Cleaner with less stains
  • Dramatically softer

Increases Safety


Experience a petrochemical-free laundry facility. Petrochemical-based products have toxic side effects that affect employees and guests alike.

  • Reduce Water usage costs by up to 48%!
  • Non-toxic / non-caustic / non-hazardous
  • Free of petroleum-based chemicals
  • Does not irritate skin or cause rashes
  • Free of VOCs